We grew from strength to strength with a focus on safe and reliable service. Going forward, our objectives are geographic expansion and sector diversification . . .
How we started
1999 : OIM was set up to operate in India (formerly known as Oceanic Oilfield Services Private Limited) and the Middle East
2002 : Crew strength grew to over 500 skilled members
2004 : Crew strength grew to over 1,000 personnel; OIM implemented its proprietary Crew Management System to manage its growing workforce
2005 : South East Asia office was opened to support Middle East operations where OIM became the top resource management service provider in the offshore drilling sector
2007 : OIM received its first contract in the South East Asia region
2009 : One of the crew teams completed 10 consecutive years with a single customer.
2013 : Gulf Capital invested in OIM, acquiring an 80% stake
Today : OIM continues to grow its operations within key market regions, while increasing its presence in Africa and South East Asia by opening new offices.